Terms of Use

Dear clients of GuruVPN! We recommend to follow the rules of GuruVPN use for maximally fast and safely work of applications for all platforms. Your access to GuruVPN application may be denied unilaterally if you will violate them.

If you will get problems during installation or payment you can read terms of GuruVPN use or write to our support service here: [email protected]

1. Use
2. Applications
3. Test period
4. Subscription
5. Servers
6. Support

1. Use of GuruVPN software
Installing, operating, distributing, or otherwise using the Software, you agree to all of the provisions of the User agreement and terms of use GuruVPN.

Each software product has its own installation instructions, partially shown below. For proper work of the applications we recommend you to correctly follow these instructions.

2. GuruVPN applications
GuruVPN has own applications for platforms:
For iOS App Store For Android Google Play Download For Windows Download For MacOS You can download official applications(or get true links for apps) only on official guruvpn.com site

GuruVPN team doesn't recommend to use other operation systems for work with GuruVPN applications. Accordingly, we disclaim responsibility for use of software on third-party systems.

3. Test period
We can provide full test access only for IOS and Android applications. We can't provide the test access for other platforms. If you will have subscription in the App Store and Google Play.

After test access your subscription(if it is still active) will be prolonged automatically for the first period of paid use. You can interrupt your subscription anytime in settings of your App Store or Google Play account.

4. Subscription
You can use GuruVPN only for pay subscription which you can purchase in App Store and Google Play. On other platforms, the application is used as part of the subscription of these application stores.

The GuruVPN team disclaims all liabilities for money transactions. All disclaims is solved within agreements and rules of App Store and Google Play platforms.

The price of monthly subscriptions is $0,99 and it is prolonged automatically for next months.

The subscription covers use of GuruVPN for THREE platforms at our discretion. If you want to connect additional device you need to purchase new subscription for other THREE devices.

You can interrupt the subscription for application anytime in settings of your App Store or Google Play account. If you cancel the subscription, the amount written off at the beginning of the billing period is not compensated. You will make all financial transactions with App Store and Google Play platforms.

5. Servers
GuruVPN team seek to increase the quality of services, thus we try to provide the largest number of servers(locations) for access.

All equipment require periodic maintenance, thus several servers may be not available for some time. GuruVPN can modify, transfer, remove servers and their characteristics. GuruVPN don't guarantee access of service or applications in any country or regions.

Please note that you can’t use one server through two devices simultaneously. You need to set other server for second device and resume your work.

6. Support
Write to our support service If you will have any questions about our servers or quality of applications. Please try to describe reason of your problem or wishes, also write about your platform. Our support service works 24/7.